Resources 2

  A Mini School of Theology
Sets of sermons on a common theme.
                   [Cassette or CD]

Vol 1. Suffering. 
4 sermons on:- trials,sickness and death

Vol 2. The Golden Chain.
4 sermons on:- election, glorification, grace and sanctification.

Vol 3. Leadership.
4 sermons on:- Deacons and Elders. [Titus 1:5-9]

Vol 4. Marriage
6 sermons on:- marriage, divorce, mixed marriages
[believer and unbeliever], unmarried and widows. 
[1 Corinthians 7]

Vol 5 Difficult subjects.
12 sermons on 1 Corinthians 11:2-14:40
Subjects include:- headcovering, The Lord's Supper and 
Spiritual Gifts.

Vol 7 False Prophets
4 sermons on Matthew 7:15-23. Wolves in sheep's clothing,
Trees and fruits, The will of the Father and a Sad delusion.

Single messages are available on the following

Greater works [John 14:12]
The Cry of the anxious, [Psalm 13]
Practical Atheism. [Psalm 14]
The Shepherd's Psalm.[Psalm 23]
Wealth and it's lack. [James 1:2-12]
Planning for the future [James 4:13-17]
Jonah, an introduction.
The Sermon on the Mount, an introduction.
The Beatitudes, an introduction.
Exodus an introduction

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