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    New YouTube Sermon, [For Ebernezer Reformed Baptist Church, Brighton]
    We will serve the Lord
    Faithfulness to God doesn’t necessarily equate with human success, nor is mere human achievement necessarily a sign of Divine favour.




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    Southern Cross Evangelical Church is a small local church family, based in Portslade, Hove, near Brighton East Sussex.

    We have been worshiping here for over one hundred years and have seen a succession of good, faithful Bible teachers pastoring us.

    We love the Word of God and the God of the Word and desire to make Him and the Good News of Jesus Christ known.

    We also are a Church that is missionary minded and have close links with several missionary societies, working both here in the UK and abroad.​ We also have strong ties to the Gloryland Worship Centre in the Dandora district of Nairobi, Kenya, working both with the church and with their school, the Victory Education Centre.                                    

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    To know more about us please visit us one Sunday, we certainly can assure you of a warm welcome.


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    Southern Cross Evangelical Church fully supports Answers in Genesis 
    and currently hosts the
    South Coast Answers Support Group.

    For more details on The Answers Support Groups Networks please click here.    

    Capturing the Creation week with cutting-edge
    RealD 3D cinematography,

    GENESIS: Paradise Lost
    brings the first chapter of the Bible to life!



    Answers from the top biblical websites, all in one place, right at your fingertips!
    SearchCreation.orgis a site created by Creation Network devoted to providing the truth about life's most pressing topics.



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    Our Pastor, Rev. Stephen Packham [Pastor Steve] has been with us since 2002. During this time the church has steadily grown. Many new departments have been established enabling those with giftings and abilities to develop and take their place in leadership within the church family.

    The central ministry of the church always revolves around God's Word the Bible with expository preaching Sunday morning and evening and Bible studies that both open up the Scriptures and give a colourful look at it's background.

    Pastor Steve paints a picture in words that helps both those new to the faith and those who have been on the road for some while to understand more clearly God's precious Word to us.

    "So they read distinctly from the book, in the law of God; and they gave the sense, and helped them to understand the reading."
    Nehemiah 8:8 [NKJV}


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